The Winsome Collection Has Launched!


10 new designs | personalization available on select hoop art


After months of planning and designing (and re-designing), my new Spring 2016 collection – The Winsome Collection – has finally been released into the world!

With butterflies in my stomach, I can finally share my entire 10-piece collection.

I was inspired by the colors of spring and the reawakening of hope and growth during this season.

For the first time, I also added some neutral options to the mix! With corals and pink and accents of dove grey and gold, these wall art will add a fresh look to your little girl’s room or your home.

To shop the collection, click on the top image or click here.

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Say hello to vintage blooms!


I’m in love. With this color palette. Lilac. Ochre. Mustard. Butter. Ginger. Fern. Moss. Hello there.

Vintage Blooms is finally here! (Cue the confetti push-pops!) Vintage-inspired and oh-so-girly, this collection is for the sweet and romantic.


Originally, I had 8 designs to share… but just added another two to round out the collection.


A mix of felt flowers in a vintage-inspired palette makes this monogram wall art a showstopper.


You can shop the entire collection online.

Vintage Modern Monograms for your Little Girl’s Rooms

vintage-modern-monograms copy

An antique rocker handed down from your grandmother. A red trike that your dad pedaled around when he was in nursery school. A faded baby photo in an tarnished frame.

Adding a bit of vintage not only adds style to your child’s room, but a meaning, family tradition and nostalgia for days gone by.

And if you don’t have that treasured object passed down from generation to generation, you can do the best thing:

Get the look of vintage: Go thrifting. Refurbish a garage sale find. Buy or create something new that looks vintage.

While I was gathering my favorite finds of vintage-inspired little girls rooms for this blog post, I quickly noticed that all these photos have something in common. Can you spot it?

M is for  Monogram!

Yes, each of the photos feature a monogram representing the precious inhabitant of each room. From a hand-made monogrammed quilt to a gold-painted paper mache letter to a felt monogram hoop art, a monogram adds a personal touch. Perfect for teaching your little one her own initial and nurturing some healthy self esteem. Seeing her initial prominently displayed in her room is a boost to the ego, I think.


Source: Apartment Therapy

I love this over-sized L monogram on this floral quilt paired with the teal and color crocheted blanket.

Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

The gold-painted paper mache C monogram is tucked next to a shabby chic bird cage, vintage blog and bird prints. Not taking center stage, but adding a nice layer to this dresser-top vignette.

Source: Babyology

The “h” monogram appears to be a wooden one that has been decorated, possibly with washi tape? Or hand-painted? Either way, it fits perfectly atop those cubic shelves above the bed!

Source: Catshy Crafts

And last but not least, my bed of roses “A” monogram is composed of vintage-y pinks and mustard yellow against a latte brown background. This embroidery hoop art will become that treasured keepsake that you will pass down.

What about you? Do you love monograms? Let me know how you decorate with monograms in the comments below!

10 Super Adorable Ways to Display Your Embroidery Hoop Art

10waydisplay-hoop-art640 copy

I’ve been making embroidery hoop art for four years and counting.

As you may have guessed, I love using embroidery hoops! First of all, an embroidery hoop is invaluable during the creating process.  After all, the hoop’s original purpose is to hold your fabric taut while you embroider. Second of all, after you’ve completed your embroidery work, the hoop itself becomes the adorable frame for your artwork. Two uses in one!

As a bonus, the metal clasp, which is used to tighten the hoop around your fabric, serves double duty as your hanger. Slip onto a nail or pushpin. Add a ball chain or length of ribbon and you can hang your hoop art almost anywhere.

Today, I would love to share with you 10 super cute ways to display your embroidery hoop art.

Of course, these ideas can be used not only for the hoop art I create, but for hoop art you have made yourself. Are you ready to show off your hoop art?

1. Display on the wall by itself or with other hoop art.

This one’s a no brainer. Hang your hoop art as wall art. For extra points, group with a variety of hoop art for a whimsical statement on your wall. Create a pleasing arrangement of big, medium and small hoops with various colors. Choose a theme (like your child’s favorite things) or choose hoops in coordinating or similar colors. This would look super-cute in a nursery or child’s room.


2. Display on the wall mixed in with photographs and other artwork.

By adding in hoop art to your gallery wall, you introduce new textures (felt and fabric) and shapes (circles mixed in with the straight lines of your framed art and photographs).


3. If you don’t want to poke a hole in your wall, you can use a pushpin to hang on a bulletin board.

I created this bulletin board myself with a vintage picture frame, cork and white foam core, but any bulletin board will serve the purpose.  Here’s a tip: If you can’t fit the pushpin through the metal hanger on the top of the hoop, you can loosen the screw until the pushpin fits. Then tighten back up to secure. Or thread a short piece of ribbon or yarn through the hanger first. Then hang the hoop on the pushpin.


4. Use a mini wooden easel or other photo easel.

When you have a special hoop art, like this personalized felt cat, give it some extra attention and place it on a mini wooden easel. With this option you can easily move it around the room or home. This might also encourage people to pick up your hoop art, touch and admire!


5. Prop on a shelf.

If you are more prone to treat your hoop art with kid gloves, you might want to prop your hoop art high on shelf. Remember, these hoop art are keepsakes and should be treasured!


6. Arrange on a wooden tray.

For many of my craft fairs where I sell my hoop art, I incorporate vintage and store-bought trays into my display. Rather than lay them all on the table, the tray because a frame or foundation of sorts for your hoop. It is a wonderful way to “serve” up your hoop as eye candy! I think this would look lovely on a tabletop or dresser, don’t you?


7. Prop up against a stack of vintage books.

Instead of using a mini-easel, stack some books that you already have around the house and rest the hoop against the spine of the books. This makes a cute vignette for any tabletop or dresser. Use vintage books to tie into the vintage style of the embroidery hoop or choose your favorite books from your personal library.


8. Hang on your front door.

Instead of the traditional or holiday wreath, hang your hoop art on the front door to welcome your guests and visitors. A large hoop (12-inches or larger) works best.  If you already have a wreath on your door you can also nestle a smaller hoop art inside the wreath! I did this with my holiday wreath and it looked so festive and unique!

9. Hang on the door of your child’s bedroom.

Use personalized hoop art as your child’s name sign. Hang on the door of your daughter’s room to claim her space. In this photo, I used an over-the-door wreath hanger to hang a wreath and my daughter’s personalized hoop art. I used a ball chain that comes with each of my hoop. You could also use some a ribbon or piece of yarn


10. Use as a photography prop and then display the photograph.

This idea takes a little more work than the others, but it is well worth the effort. As you may have noticed, I love taking photos of my hoop art with my daughters as models. It adds life to the photo, shows scale of the hoop and is just so much fun to do! Imagine if you took a photo with your daughter cradling the precious custom-made hoop art that you purchased just for her! Not only would you have a beautiful snapshot of your daughter but a reminder of the keepsake for years to come.



Do you use hoop art in your home? I would love to hear how YOU display them! Do you make them or purchase them? I would love to hear all about it! Leave a comment below and share!




Little Ones’ Spaces: My 5 Favorite Kids Decor Blogs

I’m a big fan of kids decor blogs.

I love to keep up with design trends and soak up as much lovely inspiration and eye candy as I can. It’s no coincidence that many of my wonderful customers who buy my heartfelt hoop art and yarn wreaths are buying them to decorate their little ones’ spaces — nurseries, kids’ rooms and play rooms. After all, my first “customers” of my hoop art were my young daughters (now 9 and 5).

Here are my five favorite kids decor blogs right now.

1. Lay Baby Lay

Source: Lay Baby Lay

Joni Lay, an Altlanta mom to two beautiful daughters, writes about “fresh and unique nursery inspiration with a little dose of motherhood experience.” I love her nursery style boards which are modern and colorful with touches of vintage. Bonus: Her posts about her daughters are filled with beautiful photographs.

2.  BloesemKids

Source: BloesemKids

Irene Hoofs, a graphic designer and mom to two boys, has been sharing her passion for design, art and craft since 2008. She also authors the popular BloesemLiving blog.

BloesemKids is modern, stylish and vintage-inspired at the same time – a perfect combination for design-conscious parents.

 3. Honest to Nod

Source: Land of Nod

Unlike the other blogs on this list, this blog is written by a team of various guest bloggers and designers.  A collaborative blog presented by The Land of Nod – my favorite kids store ever! In addition to playful and modern design ideas, the blog shares DIYs, party ideas, recipes and family-friendly activities.

 4. Spearmint Baby

Shari is a stay at home mom/blogger living in Scottsdale, AZ who is obsessed with mama and baby stuff. Packed with nursery inspiration and gift ideas, this blog also shares birth stories and DIY projects.

5. A Lovely Lark

Lauren is mama to two sweet little girls, Violet and Lucy. From her beautiful home in Central Pennsylvania, she writes about DIY project, kids design and handmade finds! Her blog is right up my alley!


Do you have a favorite kids design blog? Let me know in the comments!

p.s. If you want even more kids decor inspiration, I pin images I love on my Pinterest board called I Love Kids Rooms. Hope you will check it out!

p.p.s. If you want to check out my five favorite Craft Blogs, check out this post.