Does this spark joy?

This is a throwback to 2015 when my then 10-year-old daughter read a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo that I borrowed from the library.

does this spark joy hoop by Catshy Crafts

 A book she read from cover to cover (and which I only skimmed). She loved the book and would eventually own all three of Marie's books (including the manga).

Needless to say, my daughter has wholeheartedly adopted the KonMari method of tidying for the last 4 years.

She loved it so much, she asked me to make her this hoop back in 2015 in similar colors to the first book cover. In true Kondo fashion, last year she gave me BACK the hoop because it no longer sparked joy. RIP!

Spark Joy Embroidery Hoop Art

She has instructed all her immediate family members on how to fold clothes the Kondo way. And helped both her dad and myself in Kondo-ing our respective apartments.

Well, I got through the categories of clothes, books and papers but hit a wall when it came to KOMONO or miscellaneous. And never even touched sentimental.

Anyway, after downsizing to a 2 bedroom condo from a 1800-square foot house  in 2016, I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff by pure necessity. It wouldn’t fit! But since moving, I haven’t really had the heart 💔 to tidy again. It just seemed so hard for me to part with my stuff.

Fast forward to the present.

My daughter and I have watched the first three episodes of the Netflix series so far and it has definitely gotten me back in the mindset of tidying.

I have also done a lot of spiritual and mental work in the past few years (Got a divorce, re-entered the workforce, re-evaluated my life, yada yada yada, usual midlife crisis type issues.)

And may have realized that my very messy, borderline hoarding of craft supplies and memorabilia s not so healthy. And may be a cry for help that other things in my life also need tidying.

So I am very thankful this Kondo craze is sweeping the nation and reviving my interest in decluttering.

Wish me luck! 🌈

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