Quote Me: Happiness

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I found this quote on one of my favorite happiness websites, Raising Happiness.



Quote Me: Creativity

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Finding and making. My two favorite pastimes.

First comes pinning and browsing and looking and watching.

Then comes thinking and playing and cutting and making.

Such a wonderful job to have!

Quote Me

Do you ever read a line in a book or magazine that just speaks to you? A particular sentence that seems to reach into the recesses of your mind and express just how you feel? Or a particular description of a place (real or imagined) that just makes the words sing?

Some of my summer reads


My heart quickens when I come across such an enchanting string of words that seems to speak so simply but beautifully of a moment, a scene, an image.


In a former life, I was an aspiring writer. Teachers and employers praised me for my way with words. I got A’s on my English papers. I even managed to get a summer internship at the L.A. Times one summer, writing for the Science/Health beat. These days the only things I write are item descriptions for my Etsy shop and the occasional blog post or Catshy Crafts newsletter. But that’s okay. Although I enjoyed research and writing (non-fiction), it never gave me the happiness I get from making something.  So, after a short-lived career as a public health writer and researcher and becoming a wife and mother of two, I struck a different, more creative path.


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I can still get inspired from words – fiction, magazines, blogs, even just a pretty turn of phrase. Recently, I’ve also been a collector of quotes. Quotes that, yes, speak to me and help me reflect on a certain aspect of my life. This brings me to my most recent inspiring quote! I used to wish I could be more outgoing and assertive (heck, I still do, sometimes). This quote is a great way to give me some perspective the next time I am wishing away one of my character traits.


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What about you? Have you ever wished to be someone else? Someone smarter, craftier, more successful? Does this quote resonate with you?