Shine Bright, Little Unicorn!

Unicorns are rare and magical creatures.

What better animal to put on your little girl’s wall.


These magical unicorns with flowing locks (in three gorgeous colors: lilac, pink and glittery turquoise) remind your little one to let her inner light sparkle! The horn has a metallic finish and hand-stitched details. The rose is hand-cut and hand-stitched, adding extra beauty to Miss Unicorn.

Unicorn_Glitter_Turquoise and Pink

How Did She Do That? : Making Hoop Art



Have you ever come across a piece of art or hand-crafted item and wondered to yourself: How did she do that?

Wouldn’t you like to catch a glimpse of the steps behind the finished product? Take a peek at how she transformed raw materials like paint or wood or fabric into the fully realized object you see before you?

A few months ago, I decided to document my process of creating a set of custom hoop art for a special customer.

My customer contacted me several months before Mother’s Day to talk about making a very special gift for her sweet mom.

She wanted me to embroider a very special song lyric onto a hoop. Her only requirement was to incorporate “pastel colors with an emphasis on blues and purples”. The design would be left to my creative imagination. I love when a customer gives me free reign on designing a custom piece. It’s a sign that they trust me to create something they will love.

With this very special assignment in hand, I snapped photos along the way.

I created my own hashtag on Instagram: #makinghoopart. If you do a search on Instagram for this hashtag, my photos will pop up. How cool is that?

Not only does this answer the question of: how did she do that? But, it helped me to find beauty during the process. To enjoy the process of creating. With each photo I tried to show the raw materials, the steps of #makinghoop art, and to make it pretty!

In case you missed my Instagram series: #makinghoopart, I’d love to share it with you here on the blog, along with extra details I didn’t share on my IG feed.

Step 1: Sand hoops until smooth. Beware of splinters.


Step 2: Select colors for custom hoop art from my felt stash. Play with different color combinations until I find one that will inspire me as well as please my customer!

One of my favorite parts of the entire process – choosing colors!

Step 3: Free-hand cut floral shapes and leaves as well as dimensional flowers.

This is probably my favorite part — making flowers.

Step 4: Stretch background into embroidery hoop and begin to arrange and rearrange felt flowers. Repeat as needed.

Even though, it often takes me several arrangements to find the right one, I love the process. It’s my playtime!

Step 5: Hand-stitch custom message on white felt with a sharp embroidery needle and chocolate brown cotton floss. Vintage thimble optional.

I love writing on felt with hand stitches.

Step 6 – 7: Repeat step 5 until you spell out the cutest message ever!

View original instagram or visit INK361

For these hoops, I used a mix of print and cursive, making the hoops even more whimsical.

Step 8: Now to finish off the hoop art! Neatly trim excess felt around the hoop. This will make the felt less bulky and easier to wrap around the hoop.


Step 9: Wrap felt around hoop and secure with glue.

I use hot glue for this step. Minor burns on fingers is my occupational hazard.

Step 10: Cut out a circle of felt to neatly finish the back of the hoop art and add a Catshy Crafts kraft tag.

All my tags are made by me – I have a passion for Photoshop and kraft paper.

Step 11: Add a hang tag on a ball chain to the metal clasp. Now it’s ready to wrap and ship!

I love the ball chain! It adds a unique + vintage touch.


And there you have it! Hope you liked the behind-the-scenes look at #makinghoopart.



Color Me Sunday – Teal and Mustard

Teal and Mustard Etsy Home Decor

Teal and mustard is such a fresh color combination, don’t you think? Golden yellow with a pop of peacock blue can be modern. But also vintage. Happy  but hip at the same time. Throw in a splash of white or cream and it calls to mind breezy spring days and cloud-puffy skies.


Sunglasses Pillow Cover By Aldari Home


Find Joy Hoop Art by Catshy Crafts

Girls leggings by mimiikids


Boys Poppy Tartan Neck Tie by PaigeGrayson

Introducing #ThursdayInstaSale

Join me every Thursday for my weekly Insta-Sale at @catshycrafts on Instagram! New items at an introductory price for a limited time. Your chance to buy before it gets listed in my online shop!

Join me every Thursday for my weekly Insta-Sale at @catshycrafts on Instagram! New items at an introductory price for a limited time. Your chance to buy before it gets listed in my online shop!

A new way to shop Catshy Crafts!

Introducing Thursday Insta Sales!

As my Instagram love grows, I wanted to offer a way for my loyal Instagram followers to get first chance at my newest items. Every Thursday, I will post an Instagram of my latest hoop art, felt flower or wreath. Each item will be at an introductory price (10% off regular price) for one week only. Until next Thursday….when a new item will be put up for sale. After the week is up, the item will be put in my Etsy shop at its regular price.



  • One brand new item every Thursday at 10% off.
  • Free felt flower magnet with purchase
  • US shipping is $3
  • International shipping calculated by address
  • First one to leave her e-mail address “wins” this hoop art!
  • A Paypal invoice will be sent to you.
  • Thanks so much for shopping my weekly Thursday Insta Sale!
  • Hope you will check it out!

Today is the launch of my very first Thursday Insta Sale! Here’s my first hoop art up for sale.

My ode to Valentine’s Day and the Beatles and a little self-love. All you need is love — whether it be a sweetie, friend, family or from yourself.

Click over to my Instagram to read all the details on this lovely hoop art for sale!

Remember to follow my Instagram @catshycrafts so you won’t miss a thing!

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