It’s a love fest! 5 reasons why I adore my customers!

You are loved!

Yes, you are. I truly love my Catshy Crafts customers and supporters.

One of my most popular messages…you are loved. This is a custom hoop with custom colors.

Over the past 6 years of making hoop art,  I have come to know my wonderful customers – online and in-person. Through e-mail messages and face-to-face conversations. I’ve read my Etsy reviews and listened to shoppers comment on my craft fair booth.

It is so awesome when a lovely customer can instantly connect with one of my hoop art – either because of the motif (such as a happy rain cloud or a serene woodland fox) or the uplifting message (you are loved).

However, it is often when she sends me that first message to ask about custom work, that a deeper connection is revealed.

I can often feel the love that this person has for the recipient of the custom piece.

It is then that I get a peek inside her heart. And I feel so blessed and honored to create this piece just for her.

Kind words from a recent customer about her custom hoop art

5 reasons why

Based on all the feedback I have received, I have begun to tease out why I love making art for them. Here are my top 5 reasons why.

  1. They are sweet, happiness seekers who cherish their families and friends.
  2. They celebrate milestones with a heartfelt gesture, hand-written note or custom-made gift.
  3. They love whimsy and color and a bit of magic.
  4. They want to surround themselves with art and photographs and keepsakes that evoke coziness and serenity and heaps of adorable-ness.
  5. They crave inner peace in the midst of their busy lives and know how important it is to slow down and enjoy the moment.

So thank you for supporting this small mom-run handmade business. I appreciate you more than you know!

p.s. Thinking about ordering a custom hoop art? Send me a message to and let’s chat!

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My Latest Make – Isla’s Custom Wall Art

It is always an exciting day for me when I get a custom order request!

I will receive a convo on Etsy or an e-mail from one of my lovely customers. She will send me a color swatch, a product photo or simply a list of colors. Or maybe an idea or design motif (a hot air balloon? a favorite song lyric?) that she wants to build a custom piece around.

From that simple exchange of information, I am off and running. Sketching ideas. Playing with color combinations. Snipping felt into shapes. Experimenting with a new design.

Last month, I had two such custom order requests that allowed me to frolic in felt, so to speak. Together we came up with some gorgeous color palettes.

For this custom wall art, a baby shower gift for a little girl Isla, she sent me a color swatch. I unearthed these colors from a custom piece I did a few years back. Soft pink corals and light peach on a background of cotton duck cloth. Based on this “hello” wall art in my shop, I created the flowers using the customer’s color choices and sent her a photo for her final okay.

Then I embroidered “isla” in a coordinating coral embroidery thread. Don’t you love that name?

And here is the finished piece. And here’s what my lovely customer had to say about it!


Would you like to start a conversation about a custom wall art for you?

Send me an e-mail at or visit my Etsy shop here and click on “Request Custom Order” and we’ll get started on a beautiful piece made just for you!