Creating Happiness : Just Do It Already!

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Happiness… so many words

While thinking about what to write for my first post in my new blog series – Creating Happiness, I knew I *had* to start each post with a quote. I’ve been posting these happy nuggets for a few years on my blog and various social media channels, like Pinterest. I’m so happy to combine my love of a well-turned phrase with my self-taught Photoshop skills (I’m old school and still use CS2!) into creating these little graphics.  This particular quote by Benjamin Disraeli, which I found on The Positivity Blog, is very appropros for this inaugural post.

I admit, being proactive has not always been one of my fortes when it comes to certain things in my life.

Plagued with a touch of social anxiety and a whole lot of shyness, inaction can be the safe haven where I hunker down. But, when I do take action, even if it is just a small action, I almost always feel better. Dare I say happier for having done it?

It has been exactly five weeks since I announced that I would be writing a blog series.  Yes, it has taken over a month to set pen to paper, so to speak, and write a post. And the simple act of typing this post – hearing the quick taps of the keyboard and feeling the wheels in brain turning – are making me perk up.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel and claim to solve your happiness woes (what an oxymoron!), but I will share my experiences and the stories behind my art.


Things that made me happy this week

Making this:

This song:


 These two:
Doing this:

I hope as you read these posts, you will share what makes you happy with me. I’d love to hear what other happiness seekers are doing.