10 Super Adorable Ways to Display Your Embroidery Hoop Art

10waydisplay-hoop-art640 copy

I’ve been making embroidery hoop art for four years and counting.

As you may have guessed, I love using embroidery hoops! First of all, an embroidery hoop is invaluable during the creating process.  After all, the hoop’s original purpose is to hold your fabric taut while you embroider. Second of all, after you’ve completed your embroidery work, the hoop itself becomes the adorable frame for your artwork. Two uses in one!

As a bonus, the metal clasp, which is used to tighten the hoop around your fabric, serves double duty as your hanger. Slip onto a nail or pushpin. Add a ball chain or length of ribbon and you can hang your hoop art almost anywhere.

Today, I would love to share with you 10 super cute ways to display your embroidery hoop art.

Of course, these ideas can be used not only for the hoop art I create, but for hoop art you have made yourself. Are you ready to show off your hoop art?

1. Display on the wall by itself or with other hoop art.

This one’s a no brainer. Hang your hoop art as wall art. For extra points, group with a variety of hoop art for a whimsical statement on your wall. Create a pleasing arrangement of big, medium and small hoops with various colors. Choose a theme (like your child’s favorite things) or choose hoops in coordinating or similar colors. This would look super-cute in a nursery or child’s room.


2. Display on the wall mixed in with photographs and other artwork.

By adding in hoop art to your gallery wall, you introduce new textures (felt and fabric) and shapes (circles mixed in with the straight lines of your framed art and photographs).


3. If you don’t want to poke a hole in your wall, you can use a pushpin to hang on a bulletin board.

I created this bulletin board myself with a vintage picture frame, cork and white foam core, but any bulletin board will serve the purpose.  Here’s a tip: If you can’t fit the pushpin through the metal hanger on the top of the hoop, you can loosen the screw until the pushpin fits. Then tighten back up to secure. Or thread a short piece of ribbon or yarn through the hanger first. Then hang the hoop on the pushpin.


4. Use a mini wooden easel or other photo easel.

When you have a special hoop art, like this personalized felt cat, give it some extra attention and place it on a mini wooden easel. With this option you can easily move it around the room or home. This might also encourage people to pick up your hoop art, touch and admire!


5. Prop on a shelf.

If you are more prone to treat your hoop art with kid gloves, you might want to prop your hoop art high on shelf. Remember, these hoop art are keepsakes and should be treasured!


6. Arrange on a wooden tray.

For many of my craft fairs where I sell my hoop art, I incorporate vintage and store-bought trays into my display. Rather than lay them all on the table, the tray because a frame or foundation of sorts for your hoop. It is a wonderful way to “serve” up your hoop as eye candy! I think this would look lovely on a tabletop or dresser, don’t you?


7. Prop up against a stack of vintage books.

Instead of using a mini-easel, stack some books that you already have around the house and rest the hoop against the spine of the books. This makes a cute vignette for any tabletop or dresser. Use vintage books to tie into the vintage style of the embroidery hoop or choose your favorite books from your personal library.


8. Hang on your front door.

Instead of the traditional or holiday wreath, hang your hoop art on the front door to welcome your guests and visitors. A large hoop (12-inches or larger) works best.  If you already have a wreath on your door you can also nestle a smaller hoop art inside the wreath! I did this with my holiday wreath and it looked so festive and unique!

9. Hang on the door of your child’s bedroom.

Use personalized hoop art as your child’s name sign. Hang on the door of your daughter’s room to claim her space. In this photo, I used an over-the-door wreath hanger to hang a wreath and my daughter’s personalized hoop art. I used a ball chain that comes with each of my hoop. You could also use some a ribbon or piece of yarn


10. Use as a photography prop and then display the photograph.

This idea takes a little more work than the others, but it is well worth the effort. As you may have noticed, I love taking photos of my hoop art with my daughters as models. It adds life to the photo, shows scale of the hoop and is just so much fun to do! Imagine if you took a photo with your daughter cradling the precious custom-made hoop art that you purchased just for her! Not only would you have a beautiful snapshot of your daughter but a reminder of the keepsake for years to come.



Do you use hoop art in your home? I would love to hear how YOU display them! Do you make them or purchase them? I would love to hear all about it! Leave a comment below and share!




DIY: Grab a Button!

Do you have a blog?
Do you want others to know about it?
Do you love to support other blogs that you love?
Have you ever seen “Grab a Button” on one of your favorite blogs or websites?

If you answered Yes to any or all of the above, this post might interest you.

I recently made a little blog button. Essentially a blog ad. It’s 150 x 150 pixels. That’s pretty small, but it needs to be small enough to fit on a sidebar of a blog. I used a couple photos showing my products (embroidery hoop art) and a couple lines of text. Very simple thing to do in Photoshop or PSE. I also added a stroke (black outline) to make it stand out against the white background. I’m not a graphic designer by any means, but I do like to fiddle around with Photoshop.

Now, I’d love to share it with you! If you look on the sidebar on the right you’ll see “Grab a Catshy Crafts Button” with my little ad and a bunch of HTML code below that.

All you need to do is copy all the code. (Click and drag from the very beginning of the code until the end. Once it’s all highlighted (every last bit), Hit CTRL-C to copy,). Then, if you’re using Blogger, log in and go to the Layout page. Click on “Add a Gadget” and select HTML/JavaScript.  Now paste the code (hit CTRL-V) into the text area. The code that you copied should now be there. You can leave the “Title” area blank or add one if you like. Hit Save and you’re done!

Now you’ll have a cute little ad on your blog. Plus, when you click on the ad it will take you back to my shop 😉 Yup, the ad is clickable and linkable!

If you’d like to make your “Grab A Button” for your own blog or website, check out this tutorial or this one.

Hope this was helpful!

one of the most shared tutorials of 2011

If you subscribe to the Stitch (Papernstitch’s newsletter) you probably read the news already! My felt flower tutorial is one of the top 2 shared tutorials on the Papernstitch blog for 2011 with more than 2,000 tweets.

Thanks for sharing my tutorial! I love making felt flowers and glad that some of you do too!

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DIY: simply “krafty” holiday wrap + teachers’ gifts

Hello! I just wanted to pop in with a mini-tutorial (really, a show and tell) of how I wrapped some of my Christmas gifts this year.

Kraft paper is one my favorite supplies to work with. It’s widely available. Goes with everything. Easy to run through your printer. It’s a must-have in my craft room.

kraftyholidaygiftwrap_pin copy

But it’s a little stiff to wrap presents. When I saw this idea on the Little Lovelies blog, I knew it would be the best way to go. Like Allison, I planned to use shipping paper and yarn (as well as baker’s twine), but I also wanted to add some felt flowers as a gift topper.


*Roll of shipping paper (I got mine at Target for $6 each.)
*Felt, vintage button, embroidery thread/needle to make felt flowers (see my felt-flower-making tutorial here)
*Pretty yarn
*Baker’s twine (I got mine here)
*Kraft paper, 8.5 x 11, available at Joanns or Michaels in the scrapbooking section
*Your favorite printable (and free) gift tags (I used these from EatDrinkChic).

1. Wrap your present with the shipping paper. The paper is a little stiffer and heavier than regular wrapping paper, so be generous with the tape. (Next year, I might try Japanese washi tape!)

2. Wrap with baker’s twine and tie a bow.

3. Add your felt flowers (mine is a fringed flower with a vintage button). Don’t forget to go here to view my tutorial on making the flowers). I wanted my flower to be reusable and detachable from the present, so I just used a loop of scotch tape to attach it. You could also use a glue dot.

4. For the tag, I printed out these free printable tags by EatDrinkChic onto 8.5 x 11 kraft paper, trimmed them to size and tucked it under the baker’s twine. (You could also punch a hole in the tag and thread it through the baker’s twine before tying the bow.)


For the next present, the nubby, multi-colored yarn is the star.

The same steps as above, just use your favorite yarn instead of baker’s twine. Felt flower optional. These were little gifties for my youngest daughters’s toddlers class teachers.

And in case you’re wondering what’s inside, here’s a peek and quick how-to.

I bought a trio of bejeweled tin boxes from Pier 1 (on sale!). Instead of filling them with candy, I decided to do a little something krafty. I grabbed some of my paper punches and the kraft-colored packaging that came with the boxes themselves. (yay! no need to dig into my kraft paper stash)

I punched some hearts and butterflies out of the packaging. On one heart, I wrote “Happy Holidays from Zara”  on one side and let Zara personalize it with her purple scribble.  I threw in some more blank punched hearts and some punched butterflies and a few ruby-red rolled felt flowers.

A quick and easy gift, for sure.

Well, I hope you liked my quick krafty tutorials. Happy Wrapping!

DIY: guest tutorial on papernstitch!

I am excited to share a new tutorial with you!

This time, it’s posted on the Papernstitch Handmade blog

I hope you can check it out!

And while you’re there, I definitely recommend browsing through the other DIY tutorials….and if you have your own indie craft business, Brittni’s podcasts and creative business tips are definitely worth your time.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day of my Holiday Sale! Enter holiday25 at check out too get 25% off your order at my shop. Thanks for visiting!