p.s. I love felt


I love felt.

Felt is soft and touchable.

Felt is so versatile and comes in so many colors.


Felt is easy and lovely and reminds me of snuggling under a cozy blanket by the fire.


My felt of choice is high-quality wool or wool-blend felt. They cut like a dream and can come in almost any color imaginable. They don’t fray or tear or pill like the craft felt you find in most craft stores. And I cut a lot. I love mixing colors together.

I cut hearts and flowers and clouds and buntings. But my most favorite (and frequent) shapes  to cut out are……raindrops. The fatter and chubbier the better. Why?

This customer chose three hoops in the shop and asked them to be custom-made in her choice of colors as a matching set.

Because not only are they raindrops, but they can be flower petals. They can be leaves. There is something pleasantly appealing about that round shape narrowing to a point. Plus I can almost always manage to carve out a raindrop from even the tiniest of scraps.


One day  I want to make a giant hoop art using nothing but these tiny drops of felt. Wouldn’t that be lovely?


p.s. i love felt

Welcome to Catshy Crafts!

Catshy Crafts offers heartfelt decor for your home! A custom-made embroidery hoop art or yarn-wrapped wreath is the perfect way to celebrate the special days (birthdays, weddings or anniversaries) and the everyday.

Visit my online Shop or click on one of these  fabulous gift ideas and home decor pieces to see more.


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Pop-Up of Awesome

I am excited to be a part of the first-ever Pop-Up of Awesome to be held at The Studio of Awesome in Seattle this Friday and Saturday! It will be a unique set-up where 20+ artists will be featured in a boutique-style shop with one central check-out. Which means you get to browse and shop to your heart’s content and then only pay ONCE for everything you want to buy! Sweet!

The Pop-Up of Awesome is part of a larger event going on in the Phinney/Greenwood neighborhood — The PhinneyWood ArtWalk – The Big One. So, if you have a hankering for some handmade goodness, this is your weekend to shop!

Here are a few Instagram peeks of what I will be selling this weekend.

If you’re in the Seattle area, I’ll hope you’ll check it out! And if you’re not local and you see something that catches your fancy, please shoot me an email or leave me a comment.

Want to see a list of all the talented local artists that will be at Pop-up of Awesome?

Featured artists include:
http://Artbynorm.etsy.com/ art and prints
http://BellyofaWhale.com/ bags and purses
http://BunnysBakedGoods.etsy.com/ tea-time housewares
http://CatshyCrafts.etsy.com/ embroidery art
http://CommonObjectJewelry.com/ silver jewelry
http://DianeMacrae.com/ bags and purses
http://facebook.com/OneScrapAtATime cat toys for charity
http://FoamyWader.etsy.com/ gemstone jewelry
http://GlassElements.org/ fused glass jewelry
http://HauteGoat.etsy.com/ cashmere scarves
http://KathyOInspirations.etsy.com/ vintage remake jewelry
http://MagicMakeBelieve.etsy.com/ polymer clay sculptures
http://MatthewPorterArt.com/ art and prints
http://MaxandCoPost.etsy.com/ collectable postcards
http://MayhemHere.etsy.com/ art and prints
http://Moultonology.com/ garden gifts
http://NuetoMe.etsy.com/ recycled t-shirt accessories
http://Oliotto.etsy.com/ bracelets and tea towels
http://OrangeTwist.etsy.com/ screenprinted stationery
http://RainCityForge.etsy.com/ fabricated metal jewelry
http://SarahBakPottery.com/ pottery and housewares
http://ScarfCity.etsy.com/ knit and crochet wear
http://thePlayfulPotter.etsy.com/ pottery and housewares
http://Tote2Go.etsy.com/ repurposed fabric totes
http://TuttaLouPress.com/ letterpress stationery
http://WorldofWhimm.etsy.com/ kids play wear and costumes

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Featured on Blackburg Belle today!

Look who’s hanging out with April Bowles Olin today on her blog, Blackburg Belle!
You may know April from her creatively dreamy yet super-informative blog or heard her interviews on BlogcastFM.
I’ve been following April ever since I opened Catshy Crafts and am so happy to be featured on her blog today. She had a call to action on her blog a few week ago, asking for bloggers/creative entrepreneurs who wanted to be featured so of course I e-mailed her right away.
I hope you will click on over and read the interview and leave a comment there and let me know what you think! I talk about how I got started and how I try to balance family and business.
My first feature on Blacksburg Belle!

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Catshy Crafts Named #2 Nursery Decor Etsy Shop in 2013 by Babble.com

What a way to start 2013!
Guess who made the Babble.com‘s list of Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops in 2013!?

Catshy Crafts earned the #2 spot for Best Nursery Decor and #8 Overall. (Someone pinch me!) I am so thankful to the editors of Babble for finding my little shop and featuring my hoop art.

This honor is especially sweet because of all the other shops that came before that I admire so much. In 2011, the likes of Gingiber, AshleyG and Mary Kate McDevitt were at the top of the list for nursery decor. And I happen to own items from each of these talented artists! I hope that I can continue to follow in their footsteps.

And congrats to the other shops in my category this year such as: ModGenes Designs (love that name!) and  Hen & Co (from Seattle!) and Colette Bream and Love Mae! Wow! Really tickled to be in their company. You can see the entire list here.

I never imagined I would be recognized in this way. Thanks so much for supporting me and helping my creative dreams come true.