Creating Happiness: A New Blog Series

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I was one of those kids who looked at happy people and scratched my head. Why were¬†they so happy? Luck? Genes? Incredibly loving parents who did everything right? Over the years, I’ve realized that happiness is something you can learn. Something you can instill in your kids. Something you need to nurture every day. Barring clinical depression (which I absolutely recommend therapy and medication and professional help), I believe happiness is a skill that can be practiced every day. Like a flexing a muscle.

Because finding happiness is so important to me — and because it influences a lot of the art that I make, I’d love to start sharing my own happiness tips, inspiring quotes and other gems I find with you! Because I struggle with sadness at times and boosting my own happiness, I create things that are light-hearted and uplifting. Yes, it makes me happy!

Teal and Mustard Hoop Art with Felt Flowers