Holiday Gift Guides for Baby Girl and Baby Boy

Choosing your favorite embroidery hoop art just got a little easier with these holiday gift guides. Need a gift for your little boy or girl? We got you covered! Enjoy!

Spoil your little princess with these adorable animal art.

(clockwise) 1. Personalized Fox with Rose 2. Personalized Flamingo 3. Personalized Bunny 4. Pink Unicorn

Foxes, dogs and stars are what little boys are made of.

(clockwise) 1. To The Moon & Back 2. Personalized Fox with Bowtie  3.  Adventure Awaits 4. Boston Terrier with Bowtie
giftsforbabyboy1500 giftsforbabygirl1500

From Debbie Downer to Miracle Magnet: Introducing the Grateful Heart Collection


I have a confession to make.

I am a recovering Debbie downer. I never looked for the silver lining. I saw half-empty glasses all around me. Probably from a combination of anxiety and depression dating back to my tween years, I tended to look on the not-so-bright side. The dark side. Imagining the worst and expecting it to happen.

I was on the constant look out for the disapproving look or snub or veiled insult. And boy, did I find them!  A frown on a stranger’s face meant she didn’t like me.  If someone didn’t say hi, it meant they hated me.

All this negativity did not help. It kept me sheltered from hurt but also cut off opportunities that could have given me great joy! Like friendships or work opportunities or just a fun time out with friends.

Fast-forward 3 decades

After a painful divorce and entire re-evaluation of my life (hello mid-life crisis!), everything I thought I knew came into question. To me, ending a 14-year marriage and having to start my life over as a single mama was a nightmare come true!

It wasn’t until after I grieved the loss of a marriage and my life as a stay-at-home mom and wife (with the help of therapy, lots of tears and dozens and dozens of self-help books) that I began to notice that I had a lot to be grateful for.


And for the first time in my life, I started to clean up my negativity and automatic negative thoughts. And that’s when my life began to transform.

Count your blessings (even the ones that don’t seem like blessings)

First, I began to literally count my blessings. Spelling them out. Journaling about the good things in my life – even if on that particular day I could only summon up the obvious. like the fact that I had my two beautiful girls in my life or that I had a roof over my head.

Even the hardships could be mined for blessings. The end of an unhappy marriage led to happier life (eventually). And the chance to rebuild our family in a healthier way.

Then, after consistently appreciating the things I already had, I began to *expect* more good things to happen to me.


Now I look for the miracle. The good. The bright side. The love. And oh boy, they are showing up!

I feel lighter than I ever have. I have more hope than I ever have. I feel more *myself* than I ever have. And the world seems to have opened up!

Of course, I still have off days. Fears. Resistance. But those days are just that. Off days. They aren’t in alignment with who I am.

And after a pint of gelato or a Netflix binge or if I am really good, a yoga class or an evening run, I return to love. My perception returns to love and the world reflects that love back to me.

And that is what my new collection, Grateful Heart, means to me. Being grateful for what you have. Because I believe what you focus on will grow! Having gratitude will raise your vibration – no more Debbie downer vibes for me – and attract even more things to be grateful for.

gratefulheart shopify slider


The Grateful Heart collection is now available on my Catshy Crafts online shop and my Catshy Crafts Etsy shop.


Are you ready? Fall/Winter 2017 Collection Coming Soon!

Grateful Heart Collection Ad 1

Imagine a steaming mug of chai tea on a nippy autumn day that warms you from the inside out.

Or a pile of freshly raked leaves inviting you to take a leap into its soft bed.

Or your favorite cashmere sweater wrapping you up in cozy comfort.

Fall is here. And so is my never-before-seen, brand-new 10-piece collection of wall art!


The Grateful Heart Collection celebrates gratitude and joy in your life during this season of giving thanks and gathering with loved ones.

I can’t wait to share the new line with you on October 23.


To get first peeks at the collection and exclusive pricing, sign up for my mailing list at (and a free shipping coupon as a thank you!)

Play with Your Food! New Dumpling Sets in the Shop

Dumpling Set Leaves Catshy flowers - ad

These little felt dumpling sets were inspired by my favorite dumpling place, Din Tai Fung in Seattle.

When the new restaurant opened in downtown Seattle earlier this year, it created quite a frenzy with the wait list up to two hours long!

This adorable set, which are causing a bit of a stir on my Instagram feed, include:

  • 2 felt dumplings with hand-stitched eyes and mouth and a glittery flower
  • 1 mini bamboo steamer with lid
  • 2 hand-cut lettuce leaves.


You can choose the flower color of each dumpling! The come in blue, pink or purple glitter felt. The glitter is permanently adhered to the felt. So sparkly!

Dumpling Set Leaves Catshy -colors label


Do you love dumplings as much as I do? Scoop these up!

They are available on my online shop as well as The Handmade Showroom in downtown Seattle.




PLEASE NOTE: I would not recommend this for children under 5 because these are mini and may be a choking hazard.

Artist’s Date: Momo (Photo Essay)

Momo Artist Date Catshy

I love little boutiques tucked away in the city, a neighborhood gem filled with new treasures to be discovered. So when a local maker friend suggested Momo as a spot to check out for one of my artist dates, I knew I had a winner.

Located in Japantown on 600 South Jackson Street in Seattle, Momo is carefully curated, carrying indie and handmade brands with a mix of Asian and European influences. A self-described “happy hapa shop”, Momo feels old world and modern at the same time.

I spotted a few of my fave local makers like Thea Starr and Stasia Burrington and found some new faves like The Bowl Maker and Smoking Lily.

I spent a good amount of time browsing this eclectic spot, while chatting with one of the owners about the items that sparked joy and made me smile. If you love supporting independent artists and makers, I highly recommended heading to Momo during your next visit to Seattle.

buddha statue

Serene buddha statue and Japanese iron tea pots give a Zen vibe that I dig

Enamel pins by Stasia Burrington

Enamel pins by Stasia Burrington (I took a kitty home with me!)

Origami mobile hanging from a red-painted branch

Origami mobile hanging from a red-painted branch

Lucky Cups by The Bowl Maker

Charmingly illustrated Lucky Cups by The Bowl Maker

Precisely folded flowers made of vintage kimono fabric by Thea Starr

Precisely folded flowers made of vintage kimono fabric by Thea Starr

Much-photographed curio cabinet filled with fabulous kawaii and vintages treasures and lots of Spam cans

Much-photographed curio cabinet filled with fabulous kawaii and vintages treasures and lots of Spam cans

Original painting alongside greeting cards

Original painting by Roger Shimomura alongside colorful greeting cards

More art and clothing - I brought home a beautiful dress by Smoking Lily.

More art and beautiful clothing.

My new favorite summer dress by Smoking Lily that I bought at Momo that day.


Momo Seattle
600 S. Jackson Street
Seattle, WA