Thrifty Find: Vintage Folk Art Sewing Caddy

Here’s the thing. I love thrifting.  I’m always down for a quick trip to a thrift store. Of course, a quick trip usually turns into a leisurely stroll down the aisles in search of hidden treasures (that is, if I’m without kids. With kids, things are more rushed and I usually end up spending most […]

Designing A Craft Booth Display with Thrifted Finds

1. Vintage Tray for Hoop Art 2. Me at my Booth at EtsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show, Nov 2013 3. Framed Bulletin Board 4. Vintage Teacup Saucer for Business Cards 5. Cigar Box for Felt Flowers 6. Thrifted Bulletin Boards for Hoop Art  7. Spinning Rack for Mini Wreath Ornaments 8. Wooden Tray for Hoop Art […]

thrifty finds: mercer island thrift store

On a rare afternoon to myself, I headed to nearby Mercer Island Thrift Store. I had been there once before on a playdate with a girlfriend and our then infant and 4 or 5-year-olds. There is a park a stone’s throw from the shop so it was a convenient place to meet. But this was […]

thrifty finds… my childhood home (part 1)

Last month, I returned to my childhood home. My dad was having surgery (he is fine now), so I flew home to visit with him before the surgery. (And it happens to be birthday today! Happy 80th, Daddy!) To say that my dad is someone who holds onto things is an understatement. I probably inherited […]

thrifty thursdays

It’s been a while since I did a thrifty thursdays post! In fact, this may be my second one, ever. Not for lack of thrifting. I visit a local thrift store at a nearby church fairly regularly, but don’t get around to photographing my finds. (I’d love to do a post featuring my favorite finds […]