Vintage Modern Monograms for your Little Girl’s Rooms

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An antique rocker handed down from your grandmother. A red trike that your dad pedaled around when he was in nursery school. A faded baby photo in an tarnished frame.

Adding a bit of vintage not only adds style to your child’s room, but a meaning, family tradition and nostalgia for days gone by.

And if you don’t have that treasured object passed down from generation to generation, you can do the best thing:

Get the look of vintage: Go thrifting. Refurbish a garage sale find. Buy or create something new that looks vintage.

While I was gathering my favorite finds of vintage-inspired little girls rooms for this blog post, I quickly noticed that all these photos have something in common. Can you spot it?

M is for  Monogram!

Yes, each of the photos feature a monogram representing the precious inhabitant of each room. From a hand-made monogrammed quilt to a gold-painted paper mache letter to a felt monogram hoop art, a monogram adds a personal touch. Perfect for teaching your little one her own initial and nurturing some healthy self esteem. Seeing her initial prominently displayed in her room is a boost to the ego, I think.


Source: Apartment Therapy

I love this over-sized L monogram on this floral quilt paired with the teal and color crocheted blanket.

Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

The gold-painted paper mache C monogram is tucked next to a shabby chic bird cage, vintage blog and bird prints. Not taking center stage, but adding a nice layer to this dresser-top vignette.

Source: Babyology

The “h” monogram appears to be a wooden one that has been decorated, possibly with washi tape? Or hand-painted? Either way, it fits perfectly atop those cubic shelves above the bed!

Source: Catshy Crafts

And last but not least, my bed of roses “A” monogram is composed of vintage-y pinks and mustard yellow¬†against a latte brown background. This embroidery hoop art will become that treasured keepsake that you will pass down.

What about you? Do you love monograms? Let me know how you decorate with monograms in the comments below!

Would love to hear your comments!