Vintage Finds: Teacup Saucers

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Whenever I drop by my favorite thrift shops, I always make a beeline for the housewares section.

What am I searching for? Pretty and dainty teacup saucers.  The ones I pick up are usually orphans (i.e. no matching teacup). I love delicate florals. Soft and muted or sometimes bold and saturated, the colors have to speak to me.   I also pay close attention to the saucers’ edges — sometimes gilded, sometimes scalloped, sometimes smooth and round. What seals the deal is when I turn over the saucer and read the information on the back.”Bone China” “Made in England” “Made in France” From 50 cents to $1.99, these are affordable indulgences to add to my collection.


The muted colors often inspire my hoop art designs or felt flowers colorways. Yes, vintage-inspired is totally my style.


 I love to use the teacup saucers as mini trays to display my hoop art and flowers, which is perfect because the colors complement each other.


When I’m not using them as photo props, they make a great catchall for small objects like paper clips, pins or tags.


What do you like to collect at thrift stores? Is there one thing that you always look for?

Would love to hear your comments!