Behind the Scenes: A Shy Crafter’s Guide

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I am honored to be a guest blogger at School House Craft – a cool resource for makers and crafters (shy or not) in the Seattle area.

For my latest blog post, I tackled a topic that is near and dear. How I survive in the oftentimes bubbly and extroverted world of crafts and handmade business — as an (incredibly) shy person. In case you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes struggles and milestones of this shy crafter, here’s an excerpt from my latest blog post.

With Netflix streaming on my computer, my favorite mug filled with coffee and my messy piles of felt and embroidery thread and yarn around me, I am in my own little cocoon of happy relaxation when I sit down to make my felt creations for my creative business, Catshy Crafts. I can update my social media sites, photograph my work or post a new listing on Etsy, all without leaving my happy place.


But sooner or later, I know, in order for me to have a successful business, to grow my business, I must venture out in the world. Make connections. Meet people (potential customers and collaborators). Show my work. For this (once) painfully shy person, this has always been a challenge for me…..

Do you want to read more? If I’ve piqued your interest, please click over to the School House Craft blog to read about how I prepared for my first craft fair…. as a shy crafter. 

Plus, if you are a shy crafter (hello!) and have a topic you might want to see me tackle next, please, please, please leave me a comment! I’d love to hear what is troubling you as a shy crafter as well as connect with you!

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